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  1. WIP Black squad, the name given to the wind countryโ€™s most elite fighters and soldiers. Forming one of the most diverse unit on the continent capable of all situations no matter what it may feature. However mostly specialized in espionage these men have been known to bring down rising villages, an example would be the hindered growth of the village hidden in waterfalls(camp). The main attire is a black clad coat with black armour underneath. They are customed to using every weapon they come across but their main tool is the poisioned senbon. Not much is known about its members even by top officials in the sunagakure military.
  2. Can yall not post inappropriate things that show in the status updates, cause everyone even the guests can seeย 

    1. Wizz


      I find this post very offensive.ย 

    2. Lazar


      Agreed. Leave your stupidity for personal chats.

  4. Thank you for showing your interest man, there is no template cause it's better to see what someone will write for example the nice paragraph you wrote.
  5. Finally neymar is at psg and left worthless Barcelona fucking Messi dick riding plebs
  6.'Or get your Factss straight lil nigga Gtfoh
  7. Isn't in the Ballon race nigga he came in third last year that's why he is ranked third best player fuck you on about noob
  8. Bruh your literally being a Barcelona shit head fan that's what you guys did with Dani alves that's why he left yall faggots don't appreciate what players do for yall except suck Messi dick, cr7 I don't care for but real madrid is a better team overall the only reason I kept up with Barcelona was because I am a Brazil fan and neymar is our captain
  9. Marius just by finding that gif you are a hater Ronaldo fucks up so does Messi and Stfu a little epl your it even fr England Wizz Serb face ass nigga anyways fuck yall know about football nigga is ranked third best in the world whether you like it or not so take who ever dicks you got lunged up in ya ass and accept it
  10. That's one thing you not gonna do and is disrespect the third best player and future king of the sport, hala brazil no Stfu you Butthurt Messi dick rider, you guys credit pessi for everything even the fucking comeback against psg which neymar should have gotten all the credit for
  11. Howdy do!
  12. Aww love you too
  13. I do not know this guy