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  1. Feeling down

    1. snmop


      double that feeling so the - and - = +

  2. You're going to Elitist's Hell.
  3. Nobody watching that dumb shit. If you want anime, go and watch Gintama
  4. Just noticed, Dany's face expression when gevanei's be shaving his hairy yetti-like ass, even the dragon be spitting flames in the background. pure torture maan..
  5. Nobody messes with Mayor We
  6. I'm not a Messi or a Barca shit head fan, actually I root for Robert Lewandoski So I've always been objective when regarding football, Neymar is just a brand- a superstar taking all the spotlight with few flashy shit he did, but skill-wise he has long way to good to even compare him as future king of sports
  7. Most overrated player in the football world, you must not be watching spanish primera too often I guess ;)) Also CR7 is also overrated as fuck, all he does is score from fucking penalties. Watch people who're not into the spotlight always, but did great job for their team. Example: Iniesta
  8. Wait, third best player(cringes)? Who's the first and second ?!
  9. You've got it wrong. Finally Neymar is at PSG where he will show his true colors aka 0 fucking skill
  10. Simpsons > Family guy > Southpark > American Dad
  11. Don't try to deny it
  12. Jokes on you. You're already infested.