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  3. how's life mister Mayor?

  4. WIP Black squad, the name given to the wind country’s most elite fighters and soldiers. Forming one of the most diverse unit on the continent capable of all situations no matter what it may feature. However mostly specialized in espionage these men have been known to bring down rising villages, an example would be the hindered growth of the village hidden in waterfalls(camp). The main attire is a black clad coat with black armour underneath. They are customed to using every weapon they come across but their main tool is the poisioned senbon. Not much is known about its members even by top officials in the sunagakure military.
  5. Feeling down

    1. snmop


      double that feeling so the - and - = +

  6. Can yall not post inappropriate things that show in the status updates, cause everyone even the guests can see 

    1. Wizz


      I find this post very offensive. 

    2. Lazar


      Agreed. Leave your stupidity for personal chats.

  7. Our development team is trying to give players the best possible experience, but in order to accomplish that we need your help, we need feedback. So please, if you notice any kind of bug in the game or forum, report it here using the following template: Start new topic called: "Bug Report" This is ingame or forum bug: Explain the bug: How you discovered it: Evidence (photo/video): Kind Regards,Staff Team.
  8. You're going to Elitist's Hell.
  9. Hi my name is Lazar. I've been apart of the Roleplay community for around eight years now. I always strive for perfection and I love to workout.
  10. Shinobi Tales Community Rules The Following list of rules and punishments apply to all aspects of our Community. Community Management Team have all rights to change and update this list at any moment. All members of the community must respect all the rules at any time,violation of the rule results in punishment according to penalty list written in future part of this text. Note: If you see anyone breaking the rules feel free to report to any online Community Manager/Administrator. Language All forum members are expected to use and understand English, reading,writing and speaking. Other languages will not be tolerated except for Forum category named "Non-English Section" Respect and behavior All members of the community must respect each other and behave appropriately, we will not tolerate any kind of racistic, religious, sexual or any other kind of disrespect. Advertisement Any type of advertising is forbidden on our community. If you want to advertise something contact the community Owners. Spamming Post only relevant things, and stay true to the main post as much as possible. Off-topic is not punishable, but it can be deleted. Excessive spamming will, however, be punished. Multiple Accounts Making multiple accounts is forbidden,if you want to change your name you can ask Community Manager to change it, if you're already banned on one account making another one will resault IP ban. Trolling Any kind of trolling or making jokes at inappropriate time will be punished. Signature Any kind of inappropriate Signature will be deleted. Links Any kind of inappropriate links (virus,malware,pornographic content,religous content,rasistic content, etc.) will be punished. Regards, - Shinobi Tales Online Staff Team. Last update: 09.13.2017.
  11. was pretty hilarious for it's genre.
  13. A certified hood classic
  14. Nobody watching that dumb shit. If you want anime, go and watch Gintama
  15. -Imawa Kuni no Alice (Alice in Wonderland) This manga, as the name suggests, takes some ideas from the popular movie and turns it into a complete deathmatch bloodbath. The main character Arisu (a guy) finds himself in a different world in which he and his friends will be forced to play deadly games in order to survive. The story is very well written and belongs to the genre of mystery, action, psychological and supernatural. It also has elements of romance and gore. The drawings are simply amazing, one of the best I've seen. I highly suggest that you read this if you are looking for an exciting story with a great plot and amazing characters. The manga is complete so you don't have to wait for updates. -Grand Blue This is by far the best comedy i have ever seen/read. "This is a manga about diving." That being said, it's so much more. The protagonist is a student who goes out to live with his relatives near the sea and attend a college there. Just a normal guy who doesn't want trouble. This manga brings a lot of cliche's and turns them 180 degrees and makes perfect comedy out of them. If you're looking for a few hours of laughing, this is definitely something you NEED to check out. A new chapter comes around every once in a while, but it's quite worth the wait. -The Breaker A story about a normal student who thanks to some circumstances acquires a strong power and bad people want him dead. Pretty generic, but it has a special feeling to it. Even though i don't usually read this kind of manga, this one kept me very excited to see what's going to happen next. The story is happening in Seoul (south korea) where martial artists have certain influence over the region and fight among themselves over power. The story is not complete, however it does have like 350 chapters (part 1 and 2) and supposedly part 3 is going to come out soon. -Horimiya A very casual no stress romcom with an interesting story. The whole setting is very warm and exciting at the same time, and the story provides quality comedy to keep you laughing. The later chapters are kind of episodic and the new ones don't come out very often but it still deserves to be on the list. Enjoy, cheers!
  16. Welcome to the team!
  17. Thank you for showing your interest man, there is no template cause it's better to see what someone will write for example the nice paragraph you wrote.
  18. Greeting everyone my name is Nebojsa im 17 years old and i would be happy to apply for the role of Community Manager. I think that i have social skills,patience and experience that are needed for this job,also im team player so i would be happy to work in team with other people but i can also work individualy.. I heard for this community from Wizz on SA teamspeak server. I have plenty of time and im really active,i also know lot about forum system. I would be really happy to be part of the team and help,im not interested in any kind of rewards and stuff like that (a chance to be part of the team is a reward itself). I haven't seen any aplication template so i wrote this,if you need more informations about me i will edit the post and add. Thanks for your time,have a good day.
  19. These brothers eat ass. I approve.
  20. Just noticed, Dany's face expression when gevanei's be shaving his hairy yetti-like ass, even the dragon be spitting flames in the background. pure torture maan..
  21. I'm not a Messi or a Barca shit head fan, actually I root for Robert Lewandoski So I've always been objective when regarding football, Neymar is just a brand- a superstar taking all the spotlight with few flashy shit he did, but skill-wise he has long way to good to even compare him as future king of sports
  22. Didn't know we live in 2016 cause last year was definitely not 2015
  23.'Or get your Factss straight lil nigga Gtfoh
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