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    • hi, the 1st chakra nature its random, if you want a specific one just train to get what you want, if you want a third train more harder, if you are a legendary ninja you could have the 4th with specefic conditions and so if we want play a good game and real like the anime ok if you want just play to play wherever just to get what you want and full power then i will say nothing about it because its not mature
    • First of all, I have to say this is the most elaborate suggestion I have seen so far. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to write all of this. That being said, let's get on the topic. There are many things to address here and the best way is to start from the beginning. More or less everything you have stated in the points you've made is something we will be trying to incorporate in the game. Although we won't be following the original story, we will do our best to stay true to the material. Regarding the random factor, there are many modifiers that increase or decrease the chances of acquiring a certain primary element such as village/nation affinity, bloodline inheritance and so on. Hence the decision to randomly distribute element paths with given modifiers. We won't be forcing players to develop their primary elemental path, however the speed of developing a primary element will be slightly faster than the ones of choice. This does not affect the power of an element but may have an effect on some of the end game abilities. Practicing a Kekkei Genkai will demand only the basic knowledge of it's fundamental elements, however developing those will increase the possibilities of the Kekkei Genkai. If we take Mokuton for example, not having a solid knowledge of Suiton would result in the wood being dry and hard to control while not having a solid knowledge of Doton would result in the wood being frail and weak against any sort of attack. The user would still be able to perform the Jutsu, but it's effectiveness drastically decreases if the user has lack of knowledge about the nature itself. Mastering the fundamental elements will allow the user to perform more advanced techniques.  Yin, Yang and other types of release will most likely be available for everyone to pursue, however only by meeting certain criteria will they be able to acquire them. It is not yet decided how to go about this and it is taking a backseat for now, but is planned nonetheless. We will do our best to make the game enjoyable for a long time, on that you can count on. Feel free to post more suggestions or reply to this comment, it would be much appreciated.       
    • You're not the only one hoping for the first place, we also desire to look down on every other mmorpg out there. Enjoy your stay.
    • Hello, you can call me "Nasaku" why this name ? if you think a little bit you will understand how i got it ^^  i like so much mmorpg games and spend time with friends and gamers ( if i really  got time ) feel free to PM me if you have questions. hope that game will be the N°1, will do my best to help too, see you all IG sooooooooooooooooooooon   Best regards.
    • Hello everyone, i'm happy to share with you my idea for a project like this one, let's begin ^^   Choice of Jutsus and clan rules:   A ninja at birth does not know its affinity. A ninja belonging to a certain clan is more likely to get the affinity known to his clan, but it is not something that is 100% applied. A ninja can learn a second element of his choice, it is related to hard workout. A clan specialized in a certain KKG has its second element already fixed. A ninja who belongs to this clan is more likely to master this second element more easily than any other element of his choice. A ninja can master other elements like third or even fourth and can go to the fifth element since there is not a rule that forbids it properly so-called, but it always comes back to the training of the ninjas and their improvement of the ninjas Jutsus. It is not all ninjas who can have a KKG even after a hard training, even if a ninja for example master the five elements, he may still be unable to master a KKG. KKGs usually belong to certain clans because of a certain genetic structure that ninjas inherit from one generation to another, but to control a KKG one does not have to belong to a certain clan, After the manga and the explanation of Yamato for his Mokuton one must have a great mastery of the two elements and master the certain amount of chakra in the right hand of the first element and the same amount of chakra of the second element in the left hand To realize the KKG. All that is applied to the KKG is applied to the TKG (fusion of 3 elements). The mastery of the first element is easier than the second and it is easier than the third ... etc. According to Yamato's words, other techniques that are not related to the elements (invocation, teleportation, manipulation of shadows, ...) are techniques belonging to two other categories called "Light" and " Darkness". The mastery of the jutsus who use the elements does not influence the mastery of the jutsus of the second category (Light or Darkness). One sees that there are elements that the ninja does not have the word to make its decision for it such as its first element or its belonging to a certain clan or not, one speaks here either of chance or of God's will. 
      To be able to realize these conditions and rules in the game, we must start to put the element "random" in the game, but before that we have to fix the goal of the game, and what we really want by playing This game I will fix a few points which I see are common among all players:  You have to have fun and not get bored after a few days or months. To realize a world faithful to the maximum of the world of the ninjas according to the sight of the mangas. It is not worth playing this game if we know the way from the beginning (I have seen that the game gives the possibility to the players to choose its elements and that the KKG is accessible to all World and certainly if he does all the quests concerning him, besides it is among the things that have left me hesitating for 3 years to play the game or not). To belong to a clan or to a village is done by posts and all and according to the activity of the player, except that one wants to carry out a relationship of sponsorship between the players to give more meaning to the game.
      Now, the question asked is, how can we realize all that in the game? I have a vision and a way of doing by involving strongly on certain points (I know what I'm talking about and especially the possibility of realizing it easily as seen through my programming experience), let's start: 
        Only players entering a ninja sponsorship code belonging to a certain clan can belong to this clan as soon as they register. The rest of the players (without code) will have the choice between waiting for the integration of a village (so a clan accordingly) to have the first jutsu and they will have only the choice to manipulate the basic taijutsu and genjutsu Initially or they will have their first jutsu but then they will have little chance to master the clan's specialized jutsus.  The choice of the first element is made randomly by the game with a 20% chance of having each element as follows: A ninja that belongs to a clan that has only one dominant element will have an 80% chance of having the first clan element as the Uchiha clan with the Katon: A ninja who belongs to a clan that has two dominant elements will have a 41% chance of having one of these two elements as the first element as the Senju clan with the Suiton and Doton: A ninja belonging to a clan that has three dominant elements will have a 28% chance of having one of these three elements as first element as for the Jinton:  The random selection of the first element is done by a "Random" function according to the intervals fixed in the diagrams. Let us take an example of that of Jinton, if one generates a random number in the interval [0, 100.8] the Katon will be chosen, otherwise, if in] 100.8, 201.6] the Futon will be chosen, otherwise, if in 201.6, 230.4 ] The Raiton will be chosen, otherwise, if in [230.4, 331.2] the Doton is chosen, otherwise the last interval is that of] 331.2, 360] the Suiton will be chosen. The same rule applies to the rest. The second Jutsu can be chosen by the player. If he chooses a type in correspondence with the types mastered by his clan, his mastery will be easier for him than the rest of the player (this can be done by an increase in mastery rather fast with quite powerful Jutsus). A player mastering two elements, does not require his mastery of KKG. A KKG can be mastered only by well-seasoned players. The following conditions can be imposed to increase the difficulty of his mastery, the example will be made for the Mokuton: In the meantime, For example, it is necessary to have a mastery of 20 levels for the two elements Suiton and Doton. We must have the same number of techniques of the two elements. All the jutsus of the two elements must be above level 30, for example. Suiton and Doton jutsus must be perfectly balanced, ie at the same level (30 or more) to be able to master the jutsu in the training sessions. The power of Mokuton techniques increases with their level, the level of the Jutsus Suiton and Doton and ultimately the power increases if the Jutsus of both types are balanced. Whenever the gap increases between the Suiton and Doton jutsus, the Mokuton weakens. Mastery of the Mokuton may be lost or temporarily suspended Jutsus access if the gap between the Jutsus Suiton and Doton exceeds a certain threshold (50 levels for example). In the meantime, In the meantime, A player can master several other elements but his learning speed will take longer time each time he master a new item. This will be counted not at the time, but at the amount of experience accumulated for the Jutsu and the level of the player. For the first element mastered we will move from level 1 of mastery to level 2 for example with 1000 experience points, but with the second element will be with 5000 points for example, but the third will be 50000 points for example ... etc . And with each one increasing to the levels the quantity will increase even more. This makes us want to play more and especially several scenarios will be considered. More than that, we will give a chance to the players who almost do not leave the game to have advantages not only of brute force with high levels but of quality too. Each player may have a Jutsu of light or darkness if he belongs to the clan mastering these jutsus (like all dojutsu or sealing techniques or the like). In addition, these techniques can be stolen either by stealing the eyes (for dojutsus) or the parchments of the forbidden clans that contain these jutsus. Someone who steals a jutsu who do not belong to his clan, do not master it quickly enough on one side and it will require a lot of chakra with each use. He will have clan leaders who will have special scrolls for some forbidden techniques that they can pass on to the clan's ninja youth if they only want it. Each powerful enough forbidden technique existing in the clan leader can be mastered without going through him by fulfilling certain hidden conditions in the game that even the clan leader does not know them. Once the conditions are met, the jutsu will automatically be acquired as a result of hard workouts. In future versions can be, it is possible to create its own clan, and master a system of creation of new automatic jutsus (it is possible, but requires someone mastering the programming well and will have enough time for it) .
      This is an idea concerning the mastery of jutsus and especially the KKG. You will tell me that there are several players who have already chosen their jutsu and all that, so we have two choices between: Set all to zero and start again from the beginning. Accept what is already done, and apply from the next update. The two cases are not accepted and especially the first one, for the second, so that those who are already registered will have more advantages than the others. On the other hand, the second case is more acceptable especially for the staff and the beta testers and including the first players of the V1, it can be said that it is a kind of gift for their work and fidelity to the game. So the second choice Will be best suited.    That's my first, if you like it, maybe i can do more     Best Regard.